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Production for Now I Hold You Close is complete.


We are currently seeking female-identifying artists to collaborate with on post-production including editing, color, and sound.

If you are interested, please email with your resume, artist statement, reel or work sample, and a brief explanation of your interest in this particular project.

Part horror, part dance film, Now I Hold You Close travels into the psyche of a woman uncovering trauma from sexual assault and a subsequent abortion.

Uniquely told through movement, this short film reinvents the way a story about sexual trauma can be shared. It shifts the emphasis away from the events that incited the trauma and places the audience inside the protagonist’s subconscious as she unravels, confronts, and embraces her trauma in order to heal.

It is our hope that this film contributes to the dismantling of gaslighting culture and empowers the perspective of people harboring sexual trauma in our society.

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