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Pomegranates are a symbol of prosperity, abundance, and fertility.

Designed specifically for gallery or museum spaces, The Pomegranate Piece is a  performance installation + immersive performance that compares efficiency and wastefulness, moderation and extravagance, composure and outrageousness through extreme juxtaposition.


And what is the purpose

of the pomegranate

if not to give ruby seeds;

its beauty being in sacrifice.

And how heartbreaking

when the jewels are rotted,

browned and withering,

having no hope of fruition.

--Elaenor Aisling


RIKER Studio Brooklyn, NY 2015

Gibney Dance 2016

NARS Foundation 2016

HappyLucky No. 1 Gallery 2017

Digital Tech Initiative Residency at Gibney 2017

Production: AnA Collaborations

Choreography: Audrey Rachelle & Alex Oliva 

Sound Design: Jonah Rosenberg​

Projection: Jason Riker

Performers: Jack Blackmon, Rosie DeAngelo,

Sarah Fink, Allie Kronick, Alex Oliva,

Audrey Rachelle, Ellie Van Bever, Annie-Sage Whitehurst

© 2021 AnA Collaborations. 

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