performace installation + immersive performance

And what is the purpose

of the pomegranate

if not to give ruby seeds;

it’s beauty being in sacrifice.


And how heartbreaking

when the jewels are rotted,

browned and withering,

having no hope of fruition.

--Elaenor Aisling

Pomegranates are a symbol of prosperity, abundance, and fertility. Designed specifically for gallery or museum spaces, The Pomegranate Piece is a full installation and experience that compares efficiency and wastefulness, moderation and extravagance, composure and outrageousness through extreme juxtaposition.

Using movement, video art, an interactive soundscape, and immersive interactions with performers involving taste, scent, and sound the work engages all of the senses allowing for the audience to absorb the themes in a visceral way.


Premiere: RIKER Studio Brooklyn, New York, 2015.

Other showings: 

  • Gibney Dance 2016

  • NARS Foundation 2016

  • HappyLucky No. 1 Gallery 2017

  • Selected for a DTI Residency at Gibney Dance, 2017.

The Pomegranate Piece

Production: AnA Collaborations


Choreography: Audrey Rachelle & Alex Jenkins 


Sound Design: Jonah Rosenberg

Projection: Jason Riker

Performers: Jack Blackmon, Rosie DeAngelo, Sarah Fink, Allie Kronick, Alex Jenkins, Audrey Rachelle, Ellie Van Bever, Annie-Sage Whitehurst