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We are travelers. 

     We’re always new in town. 

          We never stay in familiar places. 

There are 3 people but 1 thing.

      We can’t tell one from the other.

   For a moment we are


      soaking up what we can                                                                        down here.

                     up here.                    

    You could say

We don’t use the word water, we use all the words that water does: carving, seeping, seeking.

       But now we are bathing a cat, making a face, taking it out.

We are going mad. 

The four of us, looking for where the water goes. 


We’ll all be together when we land.

 STRANGER is a performance trio—

Audrey & Alex & Johnny

We are exploring innovative ways for live music performance and immersive dance theater to merge as a unified storytelling device. As we push the boundaries of each medium, we challenge ourselves to deepen our understanding of communication and collaboration. 

Much Obliged TV network (MO TV) featured us just before we formed our band name on their TUNED segment in September of 2019.


The feature included performing a full set as well as being interviewed in a most unusual fashion.

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