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Seeking Love

site-specific immersive performance


What's hot, saxy, and sticky all over? An afternoon in the month of August spent with two gooey-eyed romantics and a clowin' quirky saxophonist. Was it fate that brought these three suckers to the city of dreams and 1$ slice pizza? Or simply a sad coincidence that leaves them wondering why they ever moved to a city where they can't ever get any sleep?

Commissioned by the INSITU Site-Specific Dance Festival. Two dancers and one musician play characters in a scene resembling old romantic cinema set in New York, while living out an ironic modern-day dating experience. Over the course of the piece, the audience perspective is flipped through interactions with performers. 


Queensbridge Park, August 2018. Queens, New York.

Production: AnA Collaborations

Choreography: Audrey Rachelle & Alex Jenkins

Music: Johnny Butler

Performers: Johnny Butler, Ali Herring, Alex Jenkins, Audrey Rachelle, Ha Vo

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