film + live performance

A journey told through intimate moments. As one woman navigates shifting relationships and landscapes, she feels the effects of the history she creates and carries with her.

Seasoned was shot over the course of a year to accurately depict each season and the passage of time. Each moment is a visual, visceral, and emotional interpretation of the season in which it takes place. The locations and elements were specifically selected for these scenes so that the connection between the environment and the choreography would create the narrative.


During post production two versions of Seasoned were edited--one that is a film accompanied by live performance, and another that is solely a film. 


Standard Vision Showcase Award: Artistic Achievement

Audience Award, Los Angeles Dance Film Festival

Audience Award, San Francisco Dance Film Festival


Premiere: The Wild Project. 2017, New York City.

Other screenings: 

  • Excerpted by Opera Philadelphia for promotion of “Breaking the Waves"

  • Gibney Artist Showcase, New York, NY.

  • Inwood Film Festival, New York, NY. 

  • Kicking & Screening Dance Film Festival, New Bedford, Massachusetts. 

  • San Francisco Dance Film Festival, San Francisco, California. 

  • Phoenix Art Museum, Phoenix Arizona.

  • Standard Vision Showcase, Los Angeles California. 

  • Los Angeles Dance Film Festival, Los Angeles, Californ. 

  • Deconstructed Dance Film Festival, Brooklyn, NY. 

  • Hurleyville Dance Film Festival, Hurleyville, NY. 

Seasoned for Vimeo.jpg

Direction:  AnA Collaborations with Blake Horn 


Choreography:  Alex Jenkins & Audrey Rachelle 


Cinematography, Production:  Blake Horn 


Editing:  Zeke Spector


Supervising Composer/ Sound Designer/ Mix:  Jon Mackey


Color:  Erik Choquette 


Sound Mixer:  Julian Angel


Cast:  Alex Jenkins, Jon Ole Olstad, Cameron Mckinney, Audrey Rachelle, Nicholas Korkos