In every moment we are moving —

we breathe in air; our heart pumps blood; we eat, drink and digest; we take in information from traveling signals in our nervous system.

  We move to survive.


We quiver, shake, scream, laugh, cry.

We move to express, to communicate.

To whom?

Does that matter?
From birth, we desire to be held, to be heard, to be loved—intuitively, we seek these tangible and intangible connections. Why?
Does that matter?

What matters is that we continue to move and be moved.

This will bond us, keep us alive.  

This is our challenge and the mission of AnA —

to let ourselves sink or swim further into an understanding of the language we all share, and soak in the mysteries that lie at these depths, together forming a reef of visceral connection.

We are dedicated to cultivating and facilitating this movement through collaboration, creation, storytelling, and performance.

We begin by forming a confluence of perspectives,

allowing you to enter via the channel whose flow is most inviting.

We follow this body of creativity to see where it goes,

carving a path for you to follow,

one that tells a story rippled by spontaneity and improvisation,

but grounded with defined landmarks, characters, theme and tone.

     It feels familiar, yet not

                                  It is peculiar, surreal.


Swept up in the current of this curious stream, we take you with us, journeying through shifting worlds, where we chase thrilling sensations and dance into our darkest thoughts.

These are worlds in which we surprise ourselves,

laughing at the simple irony around us,

discovering tender and delicate spaces where our fears, our hopes, our heartbreaks and nostalgia meet,

arriving again and again in places of transition.


          We are moving together,



                            Come in, the water’s fine.


We have choreographed, directed, and produced multidisciplinary works both on and off screen since 2015.

Our work has been commissioned and presented by foundations, festivals, galleries, and theaters nationwide including NARS Foundation, Phoenix Art Museum, Los Angeles Dance Film Festival, the Wild Project, Jerry H. Labowitz Theatre, Mercury Lounge, Catherine Clark Gallery, among others.

Most recently, our choreography has been featured on MoTV with grammy-award winning artist, Johnny Butler, and in music videos by emerging singers Raycee Jones, and Axel Barragan.


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dance performance

immersive theater

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