In every moment we are moving — we breathe in air; our heart pumps blood; we eat, drink and digest; we take in information from traveling signals in our nervous system.

We move to survive.


We quiver, shake, scream, laugh, cry.

We move to express, to communicate.

To whom?

Does that matter?
From birth, we desire to be held, to be heard, to be loved—intuitively, we seek these tangible and intangible connections. Why?
Does that matter?
Are you listening?

What matters is that we continue to move and be moved.

This will bond us, keep us alive.

This is our challenge and the mission of AnA — to let ourselves sink or swim further into an understanding of the language we all share, and soak in the mysteries that lie at these depths, together forming a reef of visceral connection.

We are dedicated to cultivating and facilitating this movement through collaboration, creation, storytelling, and performance. We begin by forming a confluence of perspectives, allowing you to enter via the channel whose flow is most inviting. We follow this body of creativity to see where it goes, carving a path for you to follow, one that tells a story rippled by spontaneity and improvisation, but grounded with defined landmarks, characters, theme and tone.

     It feels familiar, yet not.

          It is peculiar, surreal.


Swept up in the current of this curious stream, we take you with us, journeying through shifting worlds, where we chase thrilling sensations and dance into our darkest thoughts. These are worlds in which we surprise ourselves, laughing at the simple irony around us, discovering tender and delicate spaces where our fears, our hopes, our heartbreaks and nostalgia meet, arriving again and again in places of transition.

              We are moving together,



                            Come in, the water’s fine.


Audrey Rachelle is currently a performer at Sleep No More NYC, and a faculty member at Gibney Dance.


She graduated salutatorian from The Nutmeg Conservatory for the Arts and received additional training from Banning Bouldin, Netherlands Dance Theater, Springboard Danse Montreal, and Lou Conte Dance Studio. 

She has also performed with Hubbard Street Dance Chicago, Ballet Tucson, Nashville Ballet, The Equus Projects, ChristinaNoel & The Creature, as well as been featured in films by Bill Hayward and Wired Elephant Studios. In addition, she has performed works by Crystal Pite, Sidra Bell, Maxine Doyle, Paul Taylor, Natalia Horečna, David Norsworthy among others. 

In 2014, Audrey was commissioned by The Equus Projects//Onsite NYC to choreograph a site-specific work for Union Square in collaboration with the urban farmer, Stewart Borowsky. The project was funded by the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council. 

Alex Jenkins has danced live and in film with artists of many genres including the San Francisco Symphony, the Mckittrick Hotel, Navarra Novy-Williams, Bill Hayward, Kara Davis' project agora, BodyStories: Teresa Fellion Dance, Fountain 3 Films, and others. In 2018, she was an original cast member in the Mckittrick Hotel's immersive dinner production, The Lost Supper, and has since made regular appearances in the Mckittrick's performance parties. The California-native is the recipient of an Isadora Duncan award for Outstanding Performance in an Ensemble for her work in the collaborative performamce, Terra Incognita (San Francisco, 2011). 

Thanks to her mother's guidance as a dance teacher and creator, Alex began training early in multiple dance forms, with a focus in classical ballet. She attended the Alonzo King LINES Ballet School in San Francisco, studied Gaga technique in Tel Aviv, and graduated Summa Cum Laude with a BA in Performing Arts from St. Mary's College of California. 

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