interactive performace

How To Stop Worrying

Say to yourself: My breath flows in and out like the tides.

A collaboration with Toronto-based visual artist, Jennifer Laiwint, working in video, performance and installation. Her practice is preoccupied with psychologically layered subject matter: she uses constructed imagery and staged participation to complicate the boundaries between documentary and fiction, authentic expression and performance. 


The collaboration became an experiment in the relational and performative possibilities of self-help. We began with audience members and performers participating in a relaxation exercise taken from Dr. Salvatore V. Didato’s Psychotechnique method. The experience closed with a video and live performance exploring the potential for forming social connectivity and choreographing an intersecting narrative, made up of physical gestures, sounds and emotional expressions.

Premiere: NARS Foundation Brooklyn, NY 2016

Direction and Production:  AnA Collaborations + Jennifer Laiwint

Video and Sound:  Jennifer Laiwint

Choreography:  AnA Collaborations

Performers:  Rosie DeAngelo, Niya Nicholson, + Annie-Sage Whitehurst