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The mind of a dragon works two ways, that is: backwards and forwards.


This is doubly true of the Wawel Dragon, a beast that was already old in AD 1221, a year it would behoove you to run an eye across at least a couple times.

An immersive collaboration between movement, sound, and light, dragonslayer is a journey that follows an ancient tale while chasing new stories.

Brother's Sheep Plan.png

Premiere at Brooklyn Studios for Dance, 2019. 

Production: AnA Collaborations with Maciej Lewandowski 


Sound and Light Design: Maciej Lewandowski


Direction & Choreography: Alex Oliva & Audrey Rachelle 


Text: Brooks Sterritt 


Performers: Douglas Burkhardt, Nicholas Grubbs, Madeline Irmen, Alex Oliva, Maciej Lewandowski, Audrey Rachelle, Ellie Van Bever, Ha Vo

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