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The mind of a dragon works two ways, that is: backwards and forwards.


This is doubly true of the Wawel Dragon, a beast that was already old in AD 1221, a year it would behoove you to run an eye across at least a couple times.

An immersive collaboration between movement, sound, and light, dragonslayer is a journey that follows an ancient tale while chasing new stories.


We are bringing dragonslayer to Seattle!

This beast will premiere at the historic chapel at Good Shepherd Center as part of the Wayward Series on February 8th and 9th 2024 with two performances each night.


We are raising funds to support the expansion of this work into a multi-track show with a cast of 10 performers and complete with set, costume, and lighting design.

Premiere at Brooklyn Studios for Dance, 2019. 

Production: AnA Collaborations with Maciej Lewandowski 


Sound and Light Design: Maciej Lewandowski


Direction & Choreography: Alex Oliva & Audrey Rachelle 


Text: Brooks Sterritt 


Performers: Douglas Burkhardt, Nicholas Grubbs, Madeline Irmen, Alex Oliva, Maciej Lewandowski, Audrey Rachelle, Ellie Van Bever, Ha Vo

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