A Guide on Loving


Make a constellation of imperfections.

A theatrical re-telling of These Snakes and A Guide on Loving Him, two flash fiction pieces by T.A. Stanley.  Both stories are from the collection of flash fiction, that Stanley is currently working on titled Pulling Weeds. This collection seeks to address the violences and violations that one absorbs as a woman, the ways in which these experiences live in the body and mind, and how one attempts to move through and heal after trauma.

T.A. Stanley uses magical and fantastic elements to illuminate the ways in which the lived experience of "womanhood" has made her feel through embodiments of these emotions in surreal acts and transformations.

The visceral imagery and content within these stories inspired this collaboration between cellist, James T. Stanley, sound designer, Shannon Pollack, and animator/director of photography, Blake Horn.


Premiere: The Wild Project, New York City. 2015



Choreography:  Audrey Rachelle & Alex Jenkins 

Projection:  Blake Horn

Sound:  Shannon Pollack, James T. Stanley, La Vie En Rose by Edith Piaf

Performers:  Alex Jenkins, Audrey Rachelle, Isaies Santamaria Perez